alliDiUm (meaning of)

alliDiUm – Did not find the actual meaning yet. I like the sound of it.

Maybe when I find the true meaning of this word, I will change the name of this blog.


I purchased the software, why should I pay an annual maintenance?

Many times people ask, “I purchased the software, why should I pay an annual maintenance?”. So, how do you explain the need of software maintenance?

Try to answer this question by posing another very simple question: Will you be willing to buy the same software in three years time by re-paying the full amount? Suppose you buy a software package today and you do not bother paying any maintenance which will first of all guarantee the smooth running of your system, but also will guarantee that after some years, you will still have an up to date package without having to re-purchase it.

Of course you will not bother with maintenance if the actual purchase value of the software is small, or if your company does not depend on it.

Consider these two kinds of software:

  • Those that can be operated by a wide range of users without support.
  • Those that are specialized, need occasional or frequent updates and need technical support, (many times personal contact with the vendor).

So, if you are planning to be using this software package for a while and it is of vital importance to your organisation, then consider a maintenance package, but make sure that your maintenance package includes important things like free upgrades and on line or telephone support.